Gray's School and Field Book of Botany

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This book is intended to furnish Botanical Classes and beginners with an easier introduction to the Plants of this country" Adapted for use as a handbook to assist in analyzing plants and flowers in field study of botany, this classic from Gray's School includes "Lessons in Botany," as well as "Field, Forest, and Garden Botany." Originally published in 1874, this book presents thirty-four lessons in botany beginning with the first principles and progressing in easy stages to more intricate studies of the science. An effective Grammar and Dictionary of Botany, this volume encompasses common herbs, shrubs, and trees as well as native species and conservatory plants. A guide to botanical names and structure with brief descriptions of over 2600 species belonging to 947 genera is included along with an extensive plant index. A full Glossary and Dictionary of Terms is also included. Illustrated with over 300 wood engravings, from original drawings by Isaac Sprague. The author, Asa Gray, was a Fisher Professor of Natural History at Harvard University. He is considered the most important American botanist of the 19th Century and his work remains a standard in the field.

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